• Healthy Living: Healthy Ageing


About Fitgenes
Fitgenes has pioneered a new genre of Nutrigenomic practice and education for health care practitioners that integrates genetics, along with nutrition and exercise physiology into health and wellness programs for their patients. 

Fitgenes programs are based on an individual’s unique DNA profile for the practitioner to apply personalised and manageable lifestyle and nutritional choices for the patients’ health goals.



Become a Certified Practitioner
Fitgenes Certification provides you the skills and resources to deliver genome based health and wellness programs to your patients, and builds upon your skills as an integrative general practitioner or allied health professional.
Your Certification Workshop includes detailed training and reference material, access to online resources, and proprietary software to integrate the Fitgenes programs into your clinic.



Improve Your Health and Wellness
By visiting a Certified Practitioner and having your DNA profile completed, your Practitioner is able to offer a targeted program of nutrition, exercise and life style choices designed with your own health goals in mind.
Fitgenes programs are not a ‘one size fits all’ approach, they are personalised by your Practitioner no matter your age, gender or desired health goals for Healthy Living and Healthy Ageing™ .