• Welcome to Fitgenes Australia.

    Welcome to Fitgenes Australia.

    Fitgenes has pioneered a personalised healthcare system centred on an individual’s unique genetic profile. Our approach offers personalised nutrition, lifestyle and exercise interventions to address key health issues, through our network of trained practitioners.


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  • Learn more about achieving <br />your personal health <br />goals with DNA.

    Learn more about achieving
    your personal health
    goals with DNA.

    Discover the powerful interaction between DNA, nutrition and exercise with our comprehensive Health and Wellbeing DNA profile.

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  • Power up your fitness, exercise and <br />wellbeing based on your DNA.

    Power up your fitness, exercise and
    wellbeing based on your DNA.

    Discover how you can match your diet, exercise and lifestyle to suit your unique needs.

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  • Learn more about CarbChoice<br /> for the right<br /> carbohydrates.

    Learn more about CarbChoice
    for the right

    Discover how well you process carbs. Enjoy greater energy and wellbeing based on your DNA.

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  • 23andMe Genetic Report Interpretation.

    23andMe Genetic Report Interpretation.

    Do you have a 23andMe or ancestry.com report? We can use the results to help you address health goals.

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  • Become a Fitgenes Accredited <br />Practitioner.

    Become a Fitgenes Accredited

    Offer offer clients personalised, DNA-based health and wellbeing.



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Fitgenes Offers a Range of Products

CarbChoice - Make the right choice for your body and nutritional needs.
Your genes know how well your body can metabolise and tolerate starch in carbohydrates. Our CarbChoice profile report is the genetic analysis at the heart of a program designed by your practitioner to meet your individual needs.

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Health and Wellbeing is Your Genetic Gift.
Our Health and Wellbeing profile report offers a detailed analysis of your genetic footprint and can tell you the areas of your health that can be improved so you’ll be feeling the best you can in no time.

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23andMe Report Interpretation. Do you have a 23andMe genetic profile report and want to know what the results mean?
Learn what genetic profiling means for your health and wellbeing and how to use it for designing personalised interventions to address individual health goals.

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How Fitgenes Can Help

Fitgenes personalised profile reports identify your genetic footprint by analysing a range of genes related to health and wellbeing, fitness, and nutrition. This information is used by Fitgenes Accredited Practitioners in conjunction with lifestyle factors to design a personalised and manageable health plan.


Focused opportunities for all suitably qualified healthcare practitioners to learn more about personalised genetic profiling to offer patients solutions that matter to them.


Fitgenes personalised profile reports are available through our practitioner network located throughout Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and USA.


Fitgenes integrates knowledge of an individual’s genetics with nutrition, lifestyle choices and exercise physiology into health and wellness programs.


Learn more about our CarbChoice and Health and Wellbeing reports.

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Fitgenes Accredited Practitioners

Fitgenes Accredited Practitioners are degree qualified, medical and allied health care professionals who have completed a Fitgenes Accreditation Workshop as part of their training in delivering the Fitgenes programs.

By analysing your DNA profile, a Fitgenes Accredited Practitioner can design a targeted program of nutrition, exercise and life style choices designed specifically to suit your health goal. For example, blood pressure regulation, hormone imbalance, fertility, weight management or a combination of these issues can be addressed.

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Fitgenes Programs

Genetic Profiling for Personalised Health

Fitgenes programs are not 'one size fits all'. They are personalised by your Fitgenes Accredited Practitioner no matter your age, gender or desired health goal/s and are based on the science of how nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices interact with genetics to influence how effectively your body is functioning.

Learn more about our profile reports here.

eLearning Courses Available

Fitgenes is pleased to present a selection of professional development courses for our accredited and other interested healthcare practitioners wishing to build upon their understanding of the role genetics plays in managing and maintaining health and wellbeing.

Some courses are for Fitgenes Accredited Practitioners and others are for those interested in getting started with Fitgenes. Our CarbChoice program is a great course to get started with us.

New courses available to practitioners

CarbChoice and the AMY1 Gene

Learn the value of testing the AMY1 gene variation and interpret the profile report for clinical application in managing carbohydrate metabolisation.

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Health and Wellbeing Profile Report Interpretation

Our Health and Wellbeing profile report offers a detailed analysis of your genetic footprint and can tell you the areas of your health that can be improved so you’ll be feeling the best you can in no time.

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Manuka Science Translational Nutrigenomics Course

Take your Fitgenes accreditation to next level with the Manuka Translational Nutrigenomics Course. Fitgenes is pleased to partner with Manuka Science to offer our accredited practitioners the opportunity to undertake this new online learning course.

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