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Personalised Healthcare

  • Delivering a new genre of healthcare that addresses individual needs for long term benefits.
  • Pioneering a new field of clinical practice for general medical and allied health practitioners.
  • Integrates genetics with nutrition, lifestyle choices and exercise physiology into health and wellness programs. Learn about our programs.


Learn more about our personalised healthcare programs and the key health issues they address. It’s your health.


Fitgenes Clinics

  • Offer genome-based personalised healthcare programs focussed on achieving individual health goals.
  • Supporting patients with a multi-disciplinary and innovative team of practitioners.
  • Applied genomic science, complementary services and technologies for personalised healthcare. Learn more.


Fitgenes Certified Practitioners are also located throughout Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore,
Hong Kong and USA. Find yours.


It's your health

  • See meaningful and measurable results with our personalised health and wellness programs.
  • Specialist practitioners who design strategic Nutrigenomic interventions based on your genetic profile.
  • Address the health issues that matter the most to you and see how easy to implement and maintain they are.
  • Fitgenes is the right choice.