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Personalised Healthcare

Fitgenes recognises everyone is unique

This influences their response to lifestyle effects, their environment and the risk of disease. Fitgenes works to integrate knowledge of an individual’s genetics with nutrition, lifestyle choices and exercise physiology into health and wellness programs.



Fitgenes Clinic

Our Clinic and Independent Network

Fitgenes operates through our flagship Fitgenes Perth Clinic and an independent practitioner network located throughout Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and USA.

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About Fitgenes Programs

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Fitgenes healthcare programs applies DNA data in the form of a personalised genetic profile report. Learn more about our personalised healthcare programs.

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Fitgenes Perth Clinic

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Fitgenes Perth clinic is located at 218 Whatley Crescent Maylands WA 6051

Learn more about our new program around the AMY1 gene


Certification Workshops

Certification Workshop Dates

Sydney 31 Oct -1 November

Melbourne 14 - 15 November


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