Carb Confusion and Weight Management

"Weight management has always been an issue for me. I had previously done the Health and Wellbeing Genetic Profile Report and had some great insights in to my health and lifestyle choices, so I wondered what CarbChoice could offer. I had an inclination that a low carbohydrate diet suited me best and the CarbChoice profile confirmed this.

My profile came back with a starch processing activity range of 2, which is quite low. I learnt that that I my AMY1 gene wasn’t activating enough of the salivary enzyme called amylase, which helps break down starch in the carbohydrates I consume. With the information in my report my practitioner was able prepare a personalised diet and nutrition plan that has helped me to meet my personalised health goals, which were to loose a little weight, feel less bloated and have more energy.

I had been conscious of varying the grains I ate, but the information from my CarbChoice report allowed me to really focus on what grains and vegetables contained starch and which ones I would be better to consume.

Also, I learnt there were a number of ways I could improve my amylase output, like lemon juice in water prior to a meal and wine when I was into the meal. Exercise has a very significant effect on improving amylase output, so if I want to enjoy a meal that has higher starch content I have some strategies so I can indulge without the collateral damage, then eating slowly to really savour and get the benefits from the extra chewing.  

So far, my new regime is going very well and I’m feeling great."

Vivienne - June 2016

Increased Energy Levels and Weight Management

"My AMY1 gene profile came back with a copy range of 3, which I was quite surprised about as I had thought that as I wasn’t overweight and had been able to loose weight when I wanted to when I was younger, that I had a good metabolism.

Three is quite low range and means that I don’t produce very much salivary amylase, which means the starch in the carbs I consume aren’t breaking down as much as they should, which then means increased propensity for the “leftover” carbs to turn into sugar and if not used, means weight gain.I’d also been wanting to increase my energy levels as I’ve a busy lifestyle that includes exercise at the gym and bushwalking.

So I’ve learnt that in my range group I am best served by a low starch diet as I have lower tolerance for high starch diets and an increased risk of obesity. Also I thought that as I come from a reasonably fit and healthy family, I would be ok too. However I’ve found out that family descent isn’t quite enough to predict my own genetic variation, its more about my own response to starch in my diet.

Having now taken on board my new found knowledge, I have made some simple modifications to my diet that include reducing high starch foods such as breakfast cereals, rice and potato’s, and increasing my consumption whole foods, leafy greens and lovely fruits such as blueberries and lemons. I have learnt that citrus is very good for increasing amylase production as well.

The profile report contains lots of good practical information about high starch foods, what kind of starches I can eat and gentle lifestyle modifications."

Eating For Better Health

"Before I received my AMY1 gene profile report I often felt sick and bloated not noticing at first that it was due to my diet. After sometime I suspected I might have been gluten or starch intolerant. I am reasonably fit and not overweight so feeling so sick all the time was starting to take its toll on me and I needed to act.

My gene profile came back with a result of 6, which is low but easily manageable.  This result meant for me that my body wasn’t processing starch in carbohydrates very well.

A few simple changes in my diet were going to help me eat for better health. More citrus, cut backs on the potatoes and rice that sort of thing, nothing too drastic. After enacting the adjustments I was surprised at what a difference it made to my wellbeing and my overall mood.

Understanding how my body, as an individual, works has helped me take control of my eating and health."

Tegan Parnicott - May 2016


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