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Dr Sherrill Sellman interviews Fitgenes Co-founder/Chief Science Officer, Dr Paul Beaver

Exploring the new science of Nutrigenomics with Dr. Paul Beaver (PhD) and Dr Sherrill Sellman, (N.D.) 

Interview 07-07-2016 - "Exploring the new science of Nutrigenomics with Dr. Paul Beaver (PhD), and the benefits to our health and life expectancies. 

Dr Sherrill Sellman is a Naturopathic Doctor (Board Certified Integrative Doctor), an educator, a women’s natural health expert and an international educator, the host of 2 weekly radio shows, the senior editor and contributing writer to numerous health publications and a journalist in the field of women’s health

Dr. Paul Beaver (PhD) is the co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Fitgenes Ltd, an international provider of genome – based personalized preventative healthcare and wellness services. For the past 20 years Paul has been developing personalized health solutions for maximizing health potential, based on the latest scientific and medical research in the fields, such as Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics.  During this time Paul has worked with many healthcare professionals in Australia and internationally towards improving the health and wellness outcomes of clients based on genome-based healthcare. This commitment means Paul has developed expertise in the scientific field of Nutrigenomics, which is the study of the interaction between our genes, exercise, nutrition, lifestyle choices and our health. This expertise has been acknowledged by Paul just being appointed as an honorary Senior Research Fellow at the School of Applied Health, La Trobe University, Melbourne Australia

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