Intelligent, personalised healthcare software for allied health practitioners and integrated GPs.

Pracware-ProPracware empowers hundreds of independent practitioners and clinics worldwide in offering their patients genome-based healthcare programs.

As Fitgenes Certified Practitioners know, the delivery of Nutrigenomics based health and wellbeing programs requires dedication and a committment for guiding patients towards achieving their personal health goals. 

They also know there’s a bigger picture involved than just the process of interpreting DNA profiles.  They know the real benefit lies in interpreting that information and turning it into everyday treatment plans for their patients to achieve and maintain optimal health and wellbeing. 

Pracware is the software that allows Practitioners to do this.

Practitioner Centric Software

Pracware is a unique clinical application with the capability of consolidating the patients DNA profile with their:

  • Health goals
  • Medical history
  • Pathology; and
  • Anthropometric data

Pracware-ProAs a specially designed software platform, Pracware facilitates the process of delivering timely treatment programs for Practitioners and their Patients based on the latest information and technology available in the field of Nutrigenetics and personalised genetic profiling.

The Pracware user interface is simple and intuitive, ensuring Practitioners can simple and easy delivery of  the Fitgenes programs.  gene profiling, pathology, Fitgenes Fast Track to Health programs and other services for their Patients in-clinic, all day, every day.

Being a web based application, Pracware is available to Practitioners anytime and anywhere via the internet, irrespective of whether they use Windows, Macintosh or mobile/tablet devices.

Designed and developed by our expert IT and software design team with practitioner insight, Pracware is Fitgenes’ own state of the art in-clinic tool for our Fitgenes Certified Practitioners to develop expert treatment plans for their patients.  Our aim is to take our practitioners from novice to expert in the field of Nutrigenomics and Pracware is medium that facilitates this process.

“Fitgenes has changed my life as a practitioner…….  completely revolutionised the way I prescribe for my clients….”  

Lynne Exton, Mindful Nutrition.   November 2012

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